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Take an unflattering look inside America's corporate controlled food industry, recommended by Boise Chiropractor

Why is this Boise chiropractor recommending the documentary Food Inc.? As a chiropractor, it is part of my professional objective to promote healthy lifestyle choices in support of improving the overall wellness of all conscientious consumers within our community. Although my primary objective is to deliver the foremost Chiropractic care available to any individual in our surrounding Boise community, I also commonly advise on many other aspects of healthy living.

Diet plays an tremendous role in an individuals overall well being. It is, after all, the energy source that fuels our bodies. It is paramount that the food we ingest is of the highest quality available to us, as well as in its natural state, in order to maintain a well functioning body so that we are able to enjoy many healthy years to come. This film is a real eye-opener that I hope more people can view, learn, and grow from the wealth of information delivered.

If you are interested in receiving additional information about Chiropractic, our Boise office, or how we may be able to support you in your health goals, please feel free to contact us and/or investigate further the vast information available here on our website.


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